November 2017 – Vanport’s contract with NOAA for dockside repairs of the NOAA ship Oscar Dyson included the inspection and reinstatement of the ABS Cargo certificate.  Inspections were to include slewing bearings, overall crane condition, load test and rocking test.  New slewing gear bolts and counterbalance valve cartridges were also to be installed.

During the kick off meeting, we were notified that the ship’s crew had concerns with the STBD telescoping boom crane. It was explained that a slide pad had shaken loose within the boom while at sea, in essence eliminating a portion of the boom’s internal guide. Operating the crane with this missing component could therefore cause the boom itself to become tube-locked and unable to retract without damaging the crane further.

 Vanport secured the services of a local hydraulics contractor to remove the entire boom section and transport to their facility for a full operational evaluation and condition found report.