Cape Intrepid Motor and Main Circulating Pump Overhaul

After experiencing excessive vibration in the No. 2 Main Circulating Pump and Motor on the Cape Intrepid, Ocean Duchess, Inc. went out to bid for the repairs.

Critical Field Welding Repairs

When a national renewable energy company required critical welding repairs on the upper bearing bracket and rotor spider of a turbine generator, they turned to Vanport Industrial because of our reputation for performing high quality work on complex projects.

Overhaul of Seawater Valves

Tote Services selected Vanport Industrial to perform the overhaul of four bronze, double seated remote-controlled sea suction angle valves.

USCGC Bluebell

Portland, Oregon-based Vanport Marine, Inc. has been awarded the contract to perform the Dockside Repair of the USCGC Bluebell.

Fabrication of Operator Cabs for Two Bridge Cranes

When the Portland Branch of a national crane and railway services company needed a fabricator to manufacture two operator cabs, they turned to Vanport Marine & Industrial.

Piping Mods and Meter Install

When a supplier of marine fuels needed piping modifications and upgrades on a barge, they turned to Vanport Marine & Industrial.

Pedestrian Bridge Install

As part of a multi-year facilities upgrade, an industrial facility went out to bid for the replacement of an outdated and damaged pedestrian bridge positioned on caissons in the Willamette River in Portland’s Rivergate Industrial District.

MSRC MSD Tank Installation

Installation of an MSD (marine sanitation device) tank on spill response barge in Astoria, OR 2018 for the Marine Spill Response Corporation.

Bulk Carrier Salvage

Vanport was contracted by Donjon-SMIT to support and participate in the salvage of a 624-ft. bulk carrier that ran aground in the Columbia River.

Shaver Transportation House Structure

Shaver Transportation selected Vanport to fabricate and install the Level 4 section of the pilot house on the tug Lincoln.

NOAA Fairweather

We performed the dockside repairs on this vessel the previous season and left a lasting impression on the NOAA team with our dedication to safety, quality, budget and schedule.

Ballard Marine: Pollution Dome

Vanport fabricated two emergency underwater pollution domes for Ballard Marine Construction.