Founded in 2002 by Steve Van Domelen, Vanport built its legacy on a foundation of experience and focused vision. His experience and unique viewpoints helped him forge a new path within the industry. He recruited like-minded individuals who, like him, had a focus on customer services, craftsmanship and care for their fellow team members. Renowned for his resourcefulness and integrity, Steve led by example in shaping the culture that Vanport stands for. Steve Van Domelen retired from Vanport in 2021, at which time there was changing of the guard to his youngest son Daniel Van Domelen. Daniel started working for Vanport as a welder’s apprentice in 2011, moving up through the ranks in that ten year span. Daniel’s objective is to build upon the legacy of the company, and providing a culture that team members are proud to be a part of.

What remains consistent at Vanport is the values that our company represents. We take a great deal of pride in our work and strive to earn the reputation of being the best at what we do. We are a solutions-based provider for our customers whether the issue be simple, complex, large, or small. It is our mission is to exceed expectations and uphold our reputation of being the very best topside ship repair, fabrication, and industrial contractor anywhere, anytime. We do this by focusing on safe and pragmatic production planning, effective communication within our team and customers, all while maintaining the highest quality standards of workmanship.


Daniel Van Domelen


As President, Daniel oversees the business as a whole. His role is to make decisions that promote the well-being and advancement of the company and it’s employees.

David Speakman

General Manager

David oversees all business operations for both shop and field. His first priority is to ensure the safety of all employees, while exceeding client expectations. Dave is also heavily involved with project sales and customer relations.

Nathan Schmitt

Director of Sales & Business Development

Nathan’s duties include pursuing work opportunities, exploring different markets where Vanport could add value, creating and maintaining positive customer relationships, sales, and estimating.

CJay Owens

Project Manager

CJay’s duties include project planning/scheduling, coordination or work with customers/subcontractors, maintaining project budgets, estimating, and field problem solving.

Melissa Scalf

Business Operations Manager

Melissa has a broad skillset gained from working at small businesses. She is a problem solver and works to alleviate pinch points for customers and coworkers. Her Business Operations responsibilities include project support and daily operations such as procurement, mobilization, AP, accounting, and payroll.

Don Spears


Don has over 30 years of experience in heavy industrial maintenance and repair. His duties include daily assignment and oversight of Vanport’s production crew, maintenance of work safety, production problem solving, and quality control.

Manny Rahim

Shop Superintendent

Manny has over 35 years of experience in Structural Steel Fabrication. Manny’s duties include most aspects of the fabrication at Vanport, overseeing fabrications for both shop and field. His priority is to ensure the safety of all employees, while maintaining the highest level of quality.

John Sook

Senior Technical Representative

John has over 30 years of experience as a marine machinist. He is relied upon by colleagues and customers for his extensive knowledge of how to restore equipment and machinery to optimal functionality. His is a specialtist in all of rotating equipment, with an emphasis on steam propulsion engines as well as land based power-generation equipment.

Chuck Parsons

Lead Mechanic/Electrical Tech

Chuck has been working in the Maritime Industry since his exit from the United States Navy in 1992. Chucks duties consist of field servicing of electrical and mechanical equipment, small-boats operations, logistics supports, and many others.

Steve Van Domelen


Steve, has 40+ years of experience in ship building, ship repair and marine maintenance, and fabrication.