At Vanport Industrial we pride ourselves on providing our customers with high quality services and products, safely, on-time, and on budget. A core Vanport strength is the ability to mobilize resources quickly and efficiently and to deploy them in the field. Available 24/7 and able to support your project, large or small, our team of trained and highly-skilled craftsmen apply their knowledge and experience to achieve the desired outcome.


Included among the industrial services we can provide our clients are:

  • Mobile/Field Welding
  • Field Erection and Equipment Installation
  • Piping Fabrication and Installation
  • Pump and Valve Overhauls
  • Shop & Mobile Machining
  • Crane Repair and Install


Overhaul of Seawater Valves

Tote Services selected Vanport Industrial to perform the overhaul of four bronze, double seated remote-controlled sea suction angle valves.

Fabrication of Operator Cabs for Two Bridge Cranes

When the Portland Branch of a national crane and railway services company needed a fabricator to manufacture two operator cabs, they turned to Vanport Marine & Industrial.

Oscar Dyson Boom Crane Repair

The crew of the ship the Oscar Dyson, a NOAA vessel, reported that the starboard telescoping boom crane was experiencing problems.

Cape Intrepid Motor and Main Circulating Pump Overhaul

After experiencing excessive vibration in the No. 2 Main Circulating Pump and Motor on the Cape Intrepid, Ocean Duchess, Inc. went out to bid for the repairs.

Critical Field Welding Repairs

When a national renewable energy company required critical welding repairs on the upper bearing bracket and rotor spider of a turbine generator, they turned to Vanport Industrial because of our reputation for performing high quality work on complex projects.

Pacific Tracker: Mission Diesel Exhausts

Vanport was selected to fabricate and install both the port and starboard, 14-inch diameter exhaust stacks for the mission diesel generator aboard the Pacific Tracker.