Coronavirus (COVID-19) Operations:

Vanport is working with its vendors and subcontractors in order to maintain normal business hours and operations during the current COVID-19 pandemic. The health of our employees and clients is of the highest importance and for this reason we are keeping abreast of the everchanging events and following guidelines and regulations set out by the CDC, OSHA, and other local, state, and federal agencies. Please contact us at our offices with any questions.



At Vanport Industrial we pride ourselves on providing our customers with high quality services and products, safely, on-time, and on budget. A core Vanport strength is the ability to mobilize resources quickly and efficiently and to deploy them in the field. Available 24/7 and able to support your project, large or small, our team of trained and highly-skilled craftsmen apply their knowledge and experience to achieve the desired outcome.


Included among the industrial services we can provide our clients are:

  • Mobile/Field Welding
  • Field Erection and Equipment Installation
  • Piping Fabrication and Installation
  • Pump and Valve Overhauls
  • Shop & Mobile Machining
  • Crane Repair and Install


Overhaul of Seawater Valves

Tote Services selected Vanport Industrial to perform the overhaul of four bronze, double seated remote-controlled sea suction angle valves.

Fabrication of Operator Cabs for Two Bridge Cranes

When the Portland Branch of a national crane and railway services company needed a fabricator to manufacture two operator cabs, they turned to Vanport Marine & Industrial.

Oscar Dyson Boom Crane Repair

The crew of the ship the Oscar Dyson, a NOAA vessel, reported that the starboard telescoping boom crane was experiencing problems.

Cape Intrepid Motor and Main Circulating Pump Overhaul

After experiencing excessive vibration in the No. 2 Main Circulating Pump and Motor on the Cape Intrepid, Ocean Duchess, Inc. went out to bid for the repairs.

Critical Field Welding Repairs

When a national renewable energy company required critical welding repairs on the upper bearing bracket and rotor spider of a turbine generator, they turned to Vanport Industrial because of our reputation for performing high quality work on complex projects.

Pacific Tracker: Mission Diesel Exhausts

Vanport was selected to fabricate and install both the port and starboard, 14-inch diameter exhaust stacks for the mission diesel generator aboard the Pacific Tracker.