Pacific Tracker: Mission Diesel Exhausts

After a careful review of contractor qualifications, Vanport was selected to fabricate and install both the port and starboard, 14-inch diameter exhaust stacks for the mission diesel generator aboard the Pacific Tracker. Each stack was approximately 70 lineal foot long and fabricated of entirely 316 stainless steel which required TIG welding.

The route of the stack required the exhausts to penetrate the main deck, as well as two fan rooms. Once the exhausts exited the fan rooms, they flared 60 degrees outboard to align with the ships boiler stacks. From there they followed the boiler stacks vertically up until they terminated at the highest point of the ship. Our crew’s ability to plan, rig, and execute was key to the success of this project.

Nearly all of the components necessary for this job were prefabricated in our shop, including the stacks themselves. Our ability to fab and install, provided our customer the quality they required for a fair and competitive price.


Material Composition:

316 Stainless Steel (Utilized for the Stacks and all hangers & sleeves that contacted stack)

A53 and A36 Carbon Steel (Utilized for brackets, hangers, deck inserts, etc.)

Customer: Tote Services
Industry: Maritime
Type: Ship Repair
Project: Install (2) 14” Exhausts for Ship’s (2) Mission Diesel Generators using 316 Stainless Steel
Year: 2017
Vessel Type: Missile Defense
Location: Portland, Oregon