Pacific Collector – Upper & Lower Galley Gaylord Hood Renewals

Vanport was awarded the opportunity to perform a complete renewal of all Gaylord exhaust hoods aboard the Pacific Collector. For this project, our customer had pre-ordered (5) new Gaylord exhaust assemblies as well as a new primary washdown control unit. The objectives would entail equipment removal and installation, piping modifications, and new electrical wiring. Vanport was selected as the prime contractor for this project, bringing in TMS (Technical Marine Services) to provide unmatched expertise with the electrical portion of the project.

As the work areas for this project were the two shipboard galleys, extra setup and protective coverings was owed to maintain cleanliness & protect the cooking equipment. This job would constitute a majorly invasive amount of construction within the portion of the ship that serves food to all crew members.

The project was relatively straight forward in its intent. Remove the (5) existing gaylord hoods and install new customer furnished units. Doing so required complete removal of the overhead sheathing to perform safe rigging operations, as well as foundation support modifications. Once the new units were installed in their final locations minor piping modifications were performed to route washdown supply piping to the gaylords, as well as routing new drain lines from the units to the gray water drains. The new units were closely matched in size to the existing, however the piping arrangement was notably different. Contemporaneously, TMS assisted with running all new control cables and terminating them appropriately. Modifications were necessary to tie-in the new units to their respective shipboard exhaust vents. To do this we made detailed sketches of required adapter pieces and had our neighboring sheet metal shop whip us up some custom ventilation adapter pieces.

With all equipment in place we performed operational tests on the units. This was for the purpose of inspecting for any potential leaks prior to reinstallation of overhead sheathing. Once complete, the overhead sheathing was reinstalled and the entire work area(s) got swept, vacuumed, and wiped down. On the day of commissioning and ABS testing the Captain of the ship alleged that he “had never seen the galley so clean”. Commissioning was performed in the presence of the customer, manufacturer representative, and local ABS surveyor. All testing was satisfactory, and representative of another job well done.

Customer: Tote Services
Industry: Maritime
Type: Ship Repair, General Contracting
Projects: Removal, Rigging, and Installation of Customer Equipment, Piping Modifications, Sheathing Work, Electrical, Insulation
Year: 2023
Vessel Type: Missile Range Instrumentation Ship
Location: Portland, OR