We are dedicated to the success of our clients by being the very best topside ship repair, fabrication, and industrial contractor anytime, anywhere. As a solutions-based provider, we deliver projects and products safely, on-time, and within budget for our clients.

Our mission is to exceed expectations, build lasting and meaningful relationships, share our enthusiasm for our chosen profession through an enjoyable interactive experience, and improve the lives of our customers, employees, and those in our communities by a commitment to craftsmanship, integrity, and respect for all.

Vanport's Latest


Vanport was awarded the dockside repair project for the United States Coast Guard Cutter Stratton. This was a comprehensive work package which allowed Vanport’s General Contracting capabilities to shine. The work items consisted of the following categories. Aviation Fuel Tank …
In Q1 of 2023 Vanport undertook a major project for our customers of the Pacific Tracker. Our objective was to renew the primary MSD Holding Tank Reservoir, fully service the MSD Wet Well, and perform piping upgrades. The work was …
Ballard Marine Construction hired the services of Vanport to assist with the fabrication of a construction aid for an interesting project they were involved in. They had the objective of installing thousands of lineal ft of 18” & 12” HDPE …
Vanport was awarded the dockside repair package from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to perform repairs to their research vessel the Oscar Dyson. The work package entailed an assortment of projects of all various specializations. A synopsis of …
Despite Vanport usually serving as a General Contractor, we never shy away from supporting like-minded contractors in a subcontractor role. That was just the case for this project. Hunter-Davisson, a well-known and highly reputable HVAC contractor, requested our support for …
Vanport was awarded the opportunity to perform a complete renewal of all Gaylord exhaust hoods aboard the Pacific Collector. For this project, our customer had pre-ordered (5) new Gaylord exhaust assemblies as well as a new primary washdown control unit. …

NOAA Oscar Dyson – Dockside Repair Package

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Hunter-Davisson – VIC Chiller Renewals; Pipefitting and Rigging Support

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Pacific Collector – Upper & Lower Galley Gaylord Hood Renewals

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USCG Stratton – Dockside Repair Package

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Pacific Tracker – MSD Tank Renewal & System Overhaul

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Ballard Marine Construction – Spread Bar; Fabrication

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Topside Repair

Vanport offers complete topside and voyage repairs for ocean-going vessels, tugs and barges. Ready and mobile 24 hours a day, our dedicated and experienced crews stand ready to meet the repair needs of your vessel, dockside or underway. With our collective depth of experience in ship repair, we are able to tackle the most demanding types of repair.



Within a 14,000-sf facility, Vanport’s skilled craftsmen fabricate structures, misc. metals, stairways, tanks, and specialty items. Working with carbon and stainless steel, aluminum, and specialty alloys, our highly-skilled and certified journeymen process, fit, weld, and machine top-quality fabrications to your exacting specifications. We service the commercial, industrial, maritime and hydroelectric markets throughout the Pacific Northwest and West Coast.


Industrial Services

A core Vanport strength is the ability to mobilize resources quickly and efficiently and to deploy them in the field. We reliably provide our industrial clients with a wide variety of services including field erection, welding, millwright services, and pipefitting. Available 24/7 and able to support critical shutdowns, our team of trained and highly-skilled craftsmen apply their knowledge and experience on your project, large or small.




When it comes to your project, skill and experience matter. That is why we maintain a core workforce through market fluctuations; retaining talented craftsmen is integral to the success of our business and yours. Many of our key leaders, in the field and in the office, have been with us from the beginning. Our reputation for quality work, reliability, and responsiveness is built on the bedrock a team of trained and seasoned professionals.


Safety is built in to the fabric of our culture. We are uncompromising in our commitment to safe practices and an incident-free workplace for our employees, customers and partners. From the top down, Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Customer Focused

Helping you succeed is our highest priority. We are in partnership with you during the lifecycle of each project, supporting your success by providing exceptional customer service every step of the way.


You have commitments so we meet ours. Your schedule is our priority. Before we start a project, we assess the work items in detail, solve for conflicts, and develop an honest schedule that can be met and relied upon.


Anywhere, anytime we will be there to make it happen. Right now, is our best time of day.


Everyone has to answer to someone and we answer to you. We help you meet your commitments by meeting your budget.


Our team of dedicated and trained craftsmen take pride in their trade and delivering a quality product you can rely upon for the long term.