Ballard Marine Construction – Blue Heron Dam Bulkheads; Fabrication

Ballard Marine Construction hired the services of Vanport to assist with the fabrication of a construction aid for a project of theirs at the Blue Heron Dam. They needed our support with the fabrication of (8) large cofferdam bulkheads made from Carbon Steel. The work order required the fabrication of (7) identical cofferdams approximately 15ft Tall x 12ft Wide, lined with W10x30 wide flanges to reinforce the plating from differential water pressure. The order also consisted of deeper cofferdam with dimensions of approximately 12ft Tall x 8ft Wide x 3ft in depth. Each cofferdam was equipped with a mounting flange with pre-drilled holes for easy installation in the field. Prior to sending out the cofferdams we installed ¾” closed-cell neoprene on the mounting face (as requested) and ensured the hole pattern was appropriately transferred from the steel through the foam.

The units were delivered to our customer’s site and successfully utilized in the field. Our customer’s success is our success, and we were grateful to have the opportunity to support Ballard Marine Construction with their endeavor.


Customer: Ballard Marine Construction
Industry: Industrial
Type: Structural Steel Fabrication
Year: 2022
Location: Portland, OR