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Ballard Marine: Pollution Dome

Vanport fabricated two emergency underwater pollution domes for Ballard Marine Construction. Due to the nature of the project, expedited construction and delivery were necessary. Once they arrived on site, BMC installed them at a depth of 90’ below the water surface. The highly specialized units were used to collect and contain any oily waste runoff during a critical underwater repair.

After working closely with the Art Anderson Associates Inc. to develop the dome configuration, they were fabricated by our certified welders in our Portland facility using 6061 Aluminum. Upon completion of the domes they were both loaded onto a trailer and sent to their destination in California.

The material Composition:

6061 Aluminum

Customer: Ballard Marine Construction, Inc.
Industry: Fabrication
Type: Aluminum
Project: Fabricate (2) Aluminum Pollution Domes for Customer using 6061 Aluminum
Year: 2017
Location: Portland, Oregon