Bulk Carrier Salvage

Vanport was contracted by Donjon-SMIT to support and participate in the salvage of a 624-ft. bulk carrier that ran aground in the Columbia River. Following the collision, the ship suffered two hull fractures within their fore peak tank and one large fracture in their No.1 portside ballast tank. The later of the two consisted of a singular fracture measuring approximately five feet wide by 25 ft. in length. The location of all fractures was at an approximate depth of 30 ft. below the water line.

Due to the load the ship was holding, performing the repairs on dry dock was not possible, therefore all repairs were made while the ship sat pier side in Kalama, WA. The scope of work assigned to Vanport consisted of all topside steel fabrication for all structural and water tight repairs on the ship, as well as providing on-demand fabrication for two dive teams that worked on the project.

In order to perform the repairs, large cofferdams were fabricated and secured to the exterior of the ship, the largest measuring approximately 18 ft. wide by 60 ft. in length. Once secured to the ship dewatering pumps were used to allow access to the previously flooded tanks. From there all fractures were safe ended, reinforced, and made water-tight (as inspected by Coast Guard and Class NK).

Special thanks goes out to members of the salvage including, Paul Hankins (Donjon-SMIT), Ken Edgar (Marine Response Consultants), Defiant Marine Inc., and Ballard Marine Construction.

Customer: Don Jon – SMIT
Industry: Maritime
Type: Salvage, Ship Repair
Project: Repair Major Fractures found within the Ship’s Hull.
Year: 2016
Vessel Type: Bulk Carrier – Grain
Location: Kalama, Washington