Cape Intrepid Motor and Main Circulating Pump Overhaul

After experiencing excessive vibration in the No. 2 Main Circulating Pump and Motor on the Cape Intrepid, Ocean Duchess, Inc. went out to bid for the repairs. Vanport Industrial was selected to perform the work, after a careful evaluation of contractor qualifications.


The intent of the work order was to remove, clean, repair, and reinstall the motor and pump in order to correct the vibration. The 300 HP, 3-phase motor was rewound and the bearings were replaced. The 26,000 GPM, 600 RPM pump was opened, inspected, and the rotating assembly was balanced and the shaft trued.


Complex rigging was required to remove and reset the motor and pump. There were many interferences that required removal or routing around. The Vanport team with ship’s crew ensured that proper Lock-Out, Tag-Out procedures were followed and that the work was performed safely and successfully.

Customer: Ocean Duchess, Inc.
Industry: Commercial Industrial
Type: Motor Repair / Overhaul
Projects: Cape Intrepid Motor Repair
Year: 2018
Vessel Type: Buoy Tender
Location: Tacoma, WA