Critical Field Welding Repairs

When a national renewable energy company required critical welding repairs on the upper bearing bracket and rotor spider of a turbine generator, they turned to Vanport Industrial because of our reputation for performing high quality work on complex projects. We supplied a crew of six certified welders to work ten-hour shifts six days a week in order to meet an aggressive schedule.


After passing a stringent background check, the mobile welding crew arrived at the Little Goose Dam, a very remote site, to perform welding repairs on a compact site. Following a detailed Weld Procedure Specification (WPS) developed by the project engineers, our crew began the repairs which included pre and post heating, weld excavation, welding to exacting specifications, and monitoring of the entire weldment to ensure limited distortion due to tight operating tolerances.


Following the end user’s Environmental, Health and Safety rules, all fumes were controlled using positive pressure to vent them to the exterior of the building. All welding was performed in accordance with AWS D1.1 and continuously inspected by a third-party using VT-7, PAUT, and MT-23.


Thorough project planning, constant communication, and a commitment to success allowed our crew to completed the welding repairs safely, on time, with zero defects, and on budget.

Customer: A National Renewable Energy Company
Industry: Hydropower
Type: Field Repairs / Welding
Projects: Rotor and Bracket Repairs
Year: 2018
Location: Little Goose Dam