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MSRC MSD Tank Installation

Project Overview

Vanport Marine, Inc. was contracted by Marine Spill Response Corporation [MSRC] for the installation of a Microphor M-50 Marine Sanitation Device [MSD] with sump tank on the MSRC 404, a 40,000 bbl oil spill recovery barge. MSRC is a not-for-profit firm, offering oil spill response services and environmental damage mitigation. The MSRC 404 is a vessel inspected by the USCG and classed with ABS. Vanport provided all labor and materials for the installation of the MSD unit that includes a treatment tank, a boxed chlorinator, and a sump tank with pump. The installation involved rigging into confined spaces, piping and electrical hookups, and touch-up painting. After installation the unit was tested for leaks and proper operation. All work was completed in accordance with all applicable OSHA, federal, state and municipal regulations.

Maritime Spill Response
Industry: Maritime
Type: Equipment Installation
Projects: Installation of MSD Tank on Spill Response Barge
Year: 2018
Vessel Type: Research Vessel
Location: Astoria, Oregon