NOAA Oscar Dyson

Vanport was awarded the final task order on the IDIQ contract with NOAA that was originally signed in 2015 for the NOAA ship Oscar Dyson.  This was our first opportunity to work on the Oscar Dyson since we started performing repairs on NOAA vessels in 2012.

Work included inspection of the main motor generators and bow thrusters as well a major overhauls of the ship service diesel generators #1 and #2. Vanport partnered with Peterson/CAT to perform the SSDG major overhaul as they are one of the most respected CAT diesel repair facilities in the U.S.

Two of the larger projects on this dockside repair contract were the renewal of the wet lab inboard bulkhead, including the sliding doors and installation of two new capstans.  The doors had deteriorated to the point they became non-operational.  The bulkhead needed to be removed and strengthened to help support the new davit that was installed during a previous repair period.  Project Manager Dan Van Domelen and his team set straight to work to ensure all repairs were completed before the Christmas holiday.  Exterior restoration, electrical, flooring, steel inserts and interior finishing all had to take place in order to receive the sign off from the customer.

The renewal of the capstans proceeded right on schedule.  Custom fabricated deck inserts were water jet cut and machined to accept the new design of the capstans.  Stainless steel deck sockets were fabricated and welded into the carbon steel deck plate for the mounting bolts.  This process required tight tolerances to ensure the capstans aligned perfectly with the deck sockets. Vanport partnered with hired a local firm to re-insulate the under-deck areas where the capstans were installed.

During the course of the dockside period, the Chief and Port Engineer requested a variety of additional projects be completed before the end of the contract period. We complete the additional work to the satisfaction of our customer without requesting a contract extension.  On time and on budget, every time is our mantra and commitment.

Customer: National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
Industry: Maritime
Type: Ship Repair, General Contracting
Projects: Steel Repairs, Pipefitting, Major Engine Overhauls, Crane Overhauls, Generator & Motor Inspections, Pump Repairs, Flooring Renewal, Ventilation Cleaning, etc.
Year: 2017-2018
Vessel Type: Research Vessel
Location: Newport, Oregon