Oscar Dyson Boom Crane Repair

Project Overview

The crew of the ship the Oscar Dyson, a NOAA vessel, reported that the starboard telescoping boom crane was experiencing problems. NOAA requested Vanport to provide all necessary services and equipment needed to inspect and repair the crane. In order to facilitate the repair, the crane has to be removed from the ship and completely disassembled in a shop setting. Acting as a the prime contractor, we contracted several subcontractors to assist in the performance of the work. Due to the very tight scheduling constraints, we had to organize the removal of the crane in Newport (OR) and the reinstallation of the crane in Seattle (WA). This involved the coordination of numerous contractors, equipment rental agencies, freight companies, and governing bodies in order to minimize delays to the ship’s sail schedule. All work was performed in accordance with the to customer’s specification and schedule and the client was pleased with the results.

Detailed Description of The Crane Repair

It was noted that there was heavy chattering of the telescoping boom crane while at sea. It was determined during inspections while underway that this was caused by the failures within the internal slide pads of the the boom’s telescoping sections. A slide pad had rattled loose and fallen from its proper position. In order to correct this, the crane had to be disassembled to locate the specific spot that the slide pad came from as well as allow access to install a replacement. While the crane was disassembled, each component was thoroughly inspected and the all cylinders were tested individually to ensure their proper function. Once all deficiencies were corrected the boom was then reassembled and reinstalled aboard the ship.

Customer: National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
Industry: Maritime
Type: Equipment Overhaul
Projects: Overhaul Appleton Telescoping Boom Crane
Year: 2017-2018
Vessel Type: Research Vessel
Location: Newport, Oregon / Seattle, Washington