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Overhaul of Seawater Valves

Tote Services selected Vanport Industrial to perform the overhaul of four bronze, double seated remote-controlled sea suction angle valves.

After receiving a thorough cleaning, the valves were disassembled and inspected to assess the condition of the diaphragm actuators, seating discs, stems, springs and other components. All substandard seals, packings, diaphragms, guide sleeves and other like components were replaced. The control solenoid valves were tested for proper operation and repaired. O-rings and other internal renewable soft parts were renewed. The seated valves were “blue” checked for acceptable contact between the seat and the valve stem cone and re-machined as necessary.

At the completion of reconditioning of the valves, the solenoids were tested to confirm proper operation and the valves were fitted with flanges and hydrostatically tested in the presence of the Chief Engineer and local ABS surveyor. The valves where then repackaged in their original crates and returned to the vessel where they were stored as spares.

Customer: Tote Services
Industry: Commercial Industrial
Type: Overhaul of Seawater Valves
Project : Seawater Valves Overhaul
Year: 2018
Location: Portland, Oregon