Pedestrian Bridge Install

As part of a multi-year facilities upgrade, an industrial facility went out to bid for the replacement of an outdated and damaged pedestrian bridge positioned on caissons in the Willamette River in Portland’s Rivergate Industrial District. This safety upgrade is part of a multi-phased plan to up-grade the facility. After a thorough evaluation of contractor qualifications, vendors, and installation methods, the facility’s management group selected Vanport Marine & Industrial to remove the existing bridge and the installation of the new pedestrian bridge that meets current structural and seismic code requirements.

Vanport worked with the bridge supplier to value engineer the structure to meet budget guidelines, provide a structure that precisely fits on the caissons, and meets all code and safety requirements. Vanport’s crew worked with the bridge fabricator, the electrical subcontractor, and the barge and crane operator to remove the existing bridge, and place and install the new bridge safely and correctly.

Vanport worked collaboratively with the client’ structural and civil engineers, local barge and crane operators, and it’s team of subcontractors to provide our client with an aesthetically pleasing replacement bridge that meets safety and code requirements and was within budget.

Customer: Ash Grove Cement Co.
Industry: Industrial
Type: Fabrication and Installation
Project: Remove existing bridge and replace with new
Year: 2018
Location: Portland, Oregon