USACE – Chief Joseph Dam – High Lift Pump Skids; Fabricate, Assemble, Test

Vanport was provided an opportunity through the USACE to build (10) High Lift Pumps for USACE operated Chief Joseph Dam.

This was a project where the customer knew exactly what they wanted, we just had to turn it into a reality for them.

The objective was quite simple, we would order in all necessary parts ranging from Electric Motors, Motor Adapters, Hydraulic Pumps, Suction & Pressure Filter Housings, Swagelok Fittings & Tube, etc. With the necessary components in hand, we would mockup the first one and establish critical dimensions that would be integrated into the remaining nine we had to build.

Once we had all the carbon steel skids built (in-house) we sent them off to get painted. Upon their return we installed all necessary equipment onto the skids and performed preliminary performance testing of each unit. Once the units had passed our initial testing we scheduled a formal testing demonstration with our customer (USACE). A representative of their team came out to our shop and witnessed the testing. During the testing we gained and recorded the following data.

  • Rotational Speed (RPM) @ 1200 psi
  • Brake Horespower (bhp) @ 1200 psi
  • Motor Amperage Draw @ 1000psi, 1110 psi, 1200psi, max
  • Flow Rate (GPM) @ 1000psi, 1110 psi, 1200psi, max

The cumulative data from testing of each pump was packaged into an electronic document and provided to the customer. Furthermore, a comprehensive Technical Manual was produced and furnished by Vanport which contained the detailed drawings of the skids and the manufacturer/part number/quantity of every part utilized.

Customer: United States Army Corps of Engineers
Industry: Industrial
Type: Fabrication, Machinery Service & Assembly
Year: 2021
Location: Portland, OR (Shop)