USACE – Dredge Yaquina Dockside Repair Package

Vanport was awarded the dockside repair package for the Dredge Yaquina in our hometown of Portland, OR. The work package consisted of the following work item objectives.

  • Hopper Staging/Scaffolding
  • PORT & STBD Anchor Windlass Overhauls
  • Renew Hopper Door Bearing Support Beam
  • Sluice Valve Replacement
  • 20-inch Pipe Spool Renewal(s)
  • 20-inch S-Pipe Replacement(s)
  • Hopper Jetting Piping Renewal
  • Hopper Overflow Trough Replacement
  • Exhaust Fan Overhaul

We are very grateful to have had such a great work package come out in our hometown. The project was completed safely, on time, on-budget, and to the highest satisfaction of the customer.

Customer: USACE
Industry: Maritime
Type: Ship Repair, General Contracting
Projects: Scaffolding, Machinery Overhauls, Valve Replacement, Pipefitting, Rigging, Fan & Motor Overhauls
Year: 2022
Vessel Type: Dredge
Location: Portland, OR