USCG Stratton – Dockside Repair Package

Vanport was awarded the dockside repair project for the United States Coast Guard Cutter Stratton. This was a comprehensive work package which allowed Vanport’s General Contracting capabilities to shine. The work items consisted of the following categories.

  • Aviation Fuel Tank Cleaning, Inspections, and Preservation
  • Potable Water Tank Cleaning, Inspections, and Preservation
  • Diesel Fuel Tank Cleaning and Inspections
  • Ship Service Diesel Generator Engine; Major Overhaul
  • Fire System Inspection and Testing
  • Compressed Air Receiving Tank Cleaning & Hydrostatic Testing
  • Cargo Handling Crane Inspection and Repairs
  • FWD and AFT Capstan Overhauls
  • Biennial Maintenance and Testing of Folding Boom Cranes
  • Talon Grid Inspection & Maintenance
  • Gray Water Piping Cleaning & Flushing
  • Black Water Piping Cleaning & Flushing
  • Incinerator Servicing & Testing
  • Insulation Inspections of Machinery Exhaust Stack
  • Preservation Tenting
  • Exterior Non-Skid Renewals
  • Extensive Superstructure Preservation

As is always the case with the United States Coast Guard, they know exactly what they want accomplished and have regimented checkpoints that ensure all steps are being properly followed. Vanport excels within such well-defined contract structures, and our customer was quite pleased with the work performed by Vanport and our reputable Subcontractors.

Customer: United States Coast Guard
Industry: Maritime
Type: Ship Repair, General Contracting
Projects: Tank Cleaning, Preservation, NDE, Machinery Overhauls, Pipe Cleaning, Pipefitting, Structural Steel
Year: 2023
Vessel Type: Coast Guard Cutter
Location: Alameda, CA