Lead Mechanic/Electrical Tech

Chuck has been working in the Maritime Industry since his exit from the United States Navy in 1992. Chucks duties consist of field servicing of electrical and mechanical equipment, small-boats operations, logistics supports, and many others.


Chuck Parsons is Vanport Marine’s Lead Mechanic/Electrician. Chuck has been at Vanport since the company started in 2002. Chuck’s experience in the maritime industry runs deep. Chuck entered the Unites States Navy in 1982 where he served for 10 years. Exiting the Navy in 1992 he quickly transitioned into the ship repair industry, utilizing the experience/skill he gained from the Navy to now make a living in the private sector. In 1994, Vanport’s Founder (Steve Van Domelen) was hired at same company Chuck was working for. From that point on a mutual bond was formed and the two worked together until Steve retired in 2021. In the word’s of Vanport Founder “If I had to go into a tank I always wanted Chuck with me. I can count on him to keep me safe. Some people freeze up in a crisis, Chuck doesn’t.”

Chuck’s role at Vanport is the Lead Mechanic/Electrician. His duties consist of field servicing of customer and company equipment, electrical disconnections/installations, small-boats operations, logistics supports, and many others. In day-to-day operations Chuck’s versatility tends to keep him in the “Rover” slot meaning he stays prepared to provide the immediate on-demand support needs for superintendents, project managers, and customers. His skill in this role represents the tip of the spear with regards to the responsiveness capabilities at Vanport.

Outside of work Chuck enjoys spending with his wife, kids, and grandkids. Camping and spending time at the beach are how his ideal vacation days are spent.