Senior Technical Representative

John has over 30 years of experience as a marine machinist. He is relied upon by colleagues and customers for his extensive knowledge of how to restore equipment and machinery to optimal functionality. His is a specialtist in all of rotating equipment, with an emphasis on steam propulsion engines as well as land based power-generation equipment.

John Sook started his career in 1991 working at Cascade General. At that time, he would be following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather as a third-generation marine machinist. He started off as a general helper surrounded by experienced journeymen, working heavily on main propulsion equipment of ships. In 1996 he was recruited by Marine Propulsion Services to serve as a Field Service Assistant. During this time, he also began taking courses for Machine Manufacturing Technologies. In 1999 he was promoted to Senior Field Service Representative, a role that entailed him to travel around the world supplying technical direction/oversight for the maintenance and repairs of steam propulsion engines (as well as land based power-generation equipment). Within this role he would provide representation for Ship Owners during repair periods to provide comprehensive quality control oversight on their behalf, in other words fulfilling the role of “Owner’s Representative” within large shipyard contracts. He served this role for many years, however he acquired an expertise in all forms of rotating machinery along the way.

John is Vanport’s Senior Technical Representative. John’s duties include performing detailed inspections of customer equipment and implementing his expertise to restore proper operation through repairs or adjustments. His areas of expertise with equipment include main propulsion steam turbines, reduction gears, line shaft bearings, turbine generators, pumps, and valves. John Sook is well respected by customers and colleagues for his prowess and experience. Furthermore, John Sook also serves as master inside machinist to create custom parts necessary for projects and customer equipment. His knowledge of how machinery works adds an intangible value to the manufacturing of custom parts because it enables him to build for functionality (not just to a set of prints). His skill as a machinist enables him to confidently maintain the tightest construction tolerances, setting a gold standard for the machined parts that leave Vanport’s machine shop.

Outside of work John likes to relax. Weather permitting, an ideal day for him would consist of hanging out smoking some meats or sitting river side and catching some sun.